We have created Sancus Renewables with the aim of providing differential added value with respect to our competitors in the renewable energy sector.

We will invest in utility-scale electricity generation projects based on renewable technologies in Spain and Portugal with a conservative and resilient strategy from a financial point of view, leveraging the extensive expertise of Sancus Capital’s partners in the global renewable energy sector.

Without development risk and with limited construction and operation risks

We select the projects through a rigorous internal and external due diligence process, investing in the most attractive from a technical and financial point of view, as long as they have all the necessary permits and licenses to start construction, have guaranteed interconnection to the electrical system and the main permits and agreements necessary to operate it in the long term.

For the construction of the plants, we select leading groups and first level teams (Tier 1) structuring “turnkey” contracts with solid guarantees and penalties.

Likewise, we structure the operation contracts with the highest standards and guarantees (availability, performance ratio, etc.), better action protocols, etc.

We monitor the plant on site during the construction period as well as during the daily operation of the projects with the aim of maximizing their generation and optimizing their operations.

Power generation plants based on renewable solar photovoltaic and wind energies have a high level of long-term generation predictability (with resource deviation of approximately 3.5% in solar photovoltaic and 7% in wind power at 25 years in P50).

No subsidies

Sancus Renewable will not carry out investments in projects and facilities that had recognized premium remuneration at the entry into force of Royal Decree Law 9/2013, of July 12.

The main source of income for our projects will come from the sale or auction of electricity on the wholesale electricity market in Spain, and/or from the sale or auction of electricity through medium-long-term bilateral agreements. with consumers or electricity marketers.

Financial strength

We financially structure our projects conservatively, having the flexibility of being able to invest 100% with our own resources or with moderate leverage.

Aimed at maximizing the investor’s Yield and we believe that leverage should improve the profitability of the projects but not be the variable that determines the investor’s profitability.

Proactive management

We have extensive experience operating renewable energy projects for our vehicles as well as for major infrastructure funds and developers globally.

We design and structure the plants and the contracts with the main counterparties (O&M, insurance) in order to achieve the highest standards of operation and maintenance (reactive and proactive), response to incidents, etc.

We have an active presence in different markets and access to major equipment suppliers, always being up-to-date with the latest trends in, among others, generation equipment, inverters, storage systems, etc.

We leverage this extensive experience to proactively operate our projects with the goal of optimizing results. We take advantage of synergies, benchmarking and economies of scale to continuously improve plant operations.